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Best NFT Stocks To Watch For October 2021

Sarah Foley - September 26, 2021

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm over the past year.

And right now, investors are on the hunt for the best NFT stocks to cash in on the craze.

NFTs are a very unique form of cryptocurrency that are essentially digital collectibles.

We’ve seen cryptos like Bitcoin blow up in the last decade, so it’s no wonder that investors are scrambling to get in before the NFT market explodes.

Though, buying NFTs directly can come with some risks.

This is why many investors have turned to the stock market instead, so they can invest in companies with a foothold in this space that also demonstrate a proven track record of success in their respective industries.

So where should you look to find NFT stock?

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best NFT stocks to buy right now as well as some considerations before you dive headfirst into the market.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are unique digital assets that are encrypted in a blockchain.

Most use the Ethereum blockchain, but there are some NFTs that use other blockchains.

Most NFTs right now are forms of digital art or pop culture collectibles.

Many people see NFTs as the future of art collecting, but there are still many challenges to keep in mind as the NFT market grows.

Most notably, there’s a major difference between physical and digital spaces and assets.

While physical artwork is impossible to replicate to the same quality, this isn’t true for digital artwork.

However, NFTs are encrypted in the blockchain to provide security.

While someone could replicate a digital art file, only one person can own the NFT.

This means that NFTs are essentially a status symbol, and buyers want to be the first and only to have the digital asset.

More on NFTs

Many people are also purchasing NFTs as an investment, hoping that these rare collectibles will continue to gain financial value.

Some NFTs have already sold for millions of dollars, which has only added to the hype.

The most expensive NFT so far sold for $69 million.

This was a compilation of artwork from an artist named Beeple.

However, many celebrities have also sold NFTs on the stock market — some of which have generated a significant amount of controversy.

For example, the musician Grimes has sold over $6 million worth of art in NFTs.

Snoop Dogg and Lindsay Lohan have also released music as NFTs.

In sports, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls launched their own NFT collection earlier this year.

NFT Stock Is a More Accessible Way to Enter the Market

Since these NFTs are so expensive, they aren’t accessible to the average consumer.

As a result, many companies are launching independent NFT marketplaces and other tools for both consumers and creators.

Right now, traders are investing in these companies’ stocks to skip the red tape and dodge the immense cost of buying NFTs outright.

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Top NFT Stocks to Watch

Here are some top contenders for the best NFT stock to watch out for.

These companies made it on our list because they show a lot of promise in the NFT market — even if some of them are relatively new to the space.

Dolphin Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: DLPN)

Dolphin Entertainment Inc. is one of the biggest names in the NFT space right now.

Dolphin is a premium content development company with a focus on entertainment marketing and publicity services.

This company operates through its three core subsidiaries: Shore Fire Media, 42West, and the Door.

NFT stocks

Leading Independent Entertainment Marketing

At first glance, Dolphin Entertainment appears to be a standard entertainment marketing company.

However, the company has set itself apart by starting an NFT division called Dolphin Digital Studios.

Through this division, they help corporate and individual brands launch and market their own NFTs.

Dolphin’s first NFT series is for the Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment company and is called Playbooks.

These digital collectibles provide exclusive audio commentary from former NFL stars.

They recently started their own NFT marketplace in collaboration with FTX.US.

This marketplace simplifies the NFT buying experience.

DLPN stock skyrocketed in April as a result of the NFT hype earlier this year, and its shares have been performing well since then, and its most recent financial report exceeded analysts’ expectations.

The advantage of investing in Dolphin Entertainment is that it has multiple subsidiaries and sources of revenue.

This means that even if the NFT craze dies down, its entertainment brands can still keep them afloat and deliver strong returns.

Takung Art Co. (NYSE: TKAT)

Takung Art Co. is an NFT stock that exploded earlier this year.

This Hong Kong-based company focuses on selling NFTs to the international fine arts market.

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The company focuses on Asian art but sells a variety of different types of art from all over the world.

This includes physical pieces of art like paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.

Right now, interest in Takung Art Co. among investors is mostly speculative.

Also, the company’s transactions are not currently encrypted through blockchain technology, which means that they are not technically NFTs.

NFT stocks

More on Takung

Investors are hopeful that the company will start using blockchain in the future and formally enter the NFT world.

Another important note is that this stock has been incredibly volatile this year.

When NFT stocks first took off, its share price jumped by more than 300 percent in one day.

However, this stock has since dropped back down in price, so this stock is best for investors with a high risk tolerance.

This company’s shares could pop again if it does start selling NFTs, but we can’t be sure exactly when or if this will happen.

Cloudflare Inc. (NYSE: NET)

Cloudflare is a tech company that focuses on web infrastructure and security tools.

The company primarily serves businesses as they develop their websites.

Most people wouldn’t think of Cloudflare as an NFT company, as its primary focus is reverse proxy services for companies in tech industries.

However, their Cloudflare Stream platform has actually been very helpful for those who want to sell NFTs online.

The Cloudflare Stream platform was initially designed for video publication, but the company updated it after seeing just how much the NFT trend had taken off.

Once a creator has developed an NFT, they can use Cloudflare Stream to upload it securely.

NFT stocks

Why Cloudflare Could Be One of the NFT Stocks to Buy

Overall, Cloudflare is an incredibly successful SaaS company.

This has been reflected in its stock price, which has grown consistently over the past year.

Overall, this is a reliable tech stock to buy that also provides exposure to NFTs.


Funko is a company that makes collectible toys called Funko Pops as well as unique apparel.

The company launched its products in 1998, but it wasn’t until 2010 when it finally took off.

Funko toys are immediately recognizable because of their unique bobblehead design.

Some popular Funko Pops designs feature Marvel characters, Disney characters, and Harry Potter characters, just to name a few.

Some Funko Pops also feature major sports stars.

The company releases new items frequently and even offers limited release items to keep customers coming back.

NFT stocks

The Future of Funko and NFTs

The company’s CEO has indicated that they are interested in developing NFTs in the future.

These NFTs could be sold with physical Funko toys or on their own.

Many investors are watching FNKO stock to see how it performs amidst the NFT hype.

While the company hasn’t yet launched NFTs, it seems likely that they will do so in the future given the CEO’s comments.

Funko’s latest quarter fiscal posted saw huge revenue increases, and the company beat analysts’ EPS and net income expectations handily.

The company has a very solid business model and loyal customer base, and this is something that will likely only increase with time.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: YVR)

Liquid Media Group is a Canadian company that provides strategic marketing and development services for video games, film, and television.

The company’s mission is to help creators monetize their content.

In addition to their marketing services, Liquid Media Group runs Reelhouse, a platform where creators can distribute their own content.

Liquid Media also runs Slipstream, which is a streaming platform for outdoor film content.

Some investors have been speculating that Liquid Media Group could help launch video game NFTs in the future.

This is an area that has plenty of potential that hasn’t been realized yet.

However, this makes investment in this stock highly speculative.

While Liquid Media is a penny stock right now, it has spiked several times already this year.

This means that investors could see notable returns if they time their purchases right.


Liquid Media’s Partnership with Atari

Liquid Media recently signed a partnership with Atari.

This is important because Atari is a major video game company that is planning on moving into the NFT space.

Liquid Media Group could leverage this partnership to help its clients create NFTs moving forward.

Shopify (NYSE: SHOP)

The e-commerce giant Shopify is one of the world’s platforms for online purchases and merchant services.

Companies around the world have used Shopify to set up their online stores.

Shopify recently added NFT support to its e-commerce platform.

This is huge for both creators and consumers, as there aren’t many platforms where investors can buy and sell NFTs.

By implementing this new function, Shopify is bringing NFTs even further into the mainstream.

Better yet, we have seen some big NFT moves on the market through Shopify.

When the Chicago Bulls decided to launch their NFT collection, the NBA team sold them through Shopify.

NFT stocks

Shopify Stock Is Solid Outside of the NFT Space

SHOP stock has made significant gains over the past two years — in both users and profits.

Adding NFT capabilities to its platform has bolstered Shopify’s already massive user base.

The company also has one of the highest share prices of any e-commerce stock.

Shopify is also the largest company in Canada by market capitalization.

Investors who have the means to purchase this stock could continue to see strong returns.

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Should I Invest in NFTs on the Stock Market Today?

With companies lining up to create their own NFTs and consumers eager to buy them, it seems like this market has some serious potential.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while NFTs can be a lucrative investment, they are far from a sure thing.

Also, NFTs are likely to be a very volatile investment as well, which is why investing in an NFT stock through a proven company that deals in different markets can offer more stability.

The best part about NFT stocks is that you have the flexibility to invest in an industry that you have more experience in, like a media and lifestyle company or a tech giant with a massive partner network. 

Best NFT Stocks: Final Thoughts

NFTs are one of the most fascinating forms of cryptocurrency to hit the market over the past few years.

There’s a huge range of NFTs on the market to choose from, some of which are extremely valuable.

If NFTs continue to grow in popularity, NFT stocks can generate strong returns as well.

Investing in NFT stocks now could be a great way to buy into this trend before it becomes even more mainstream.


Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She covers finance as well as real estate, technology, pop culture, and more.