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The 18 Best Swing Trading Books to Buy for 2024!

Best Swing Trading Books featured
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There are many ways to trade and make money in the financial markets.

But swing trading is one of the most effective strategies, as it capitalizes on short-term price changes to make profits.

The best swing trading books are written by experienced traders with in-depth knowledge of this type of stock trading.

Swing traders must learn how to navigate the volatile markets by making and holding trades for a short period, such as days to a few weeks. 

Learning the right swing trading strategies can give you the insight to be as effective as the pros who work on the trading room floor.

There are trading books for beginners that can teach you how to be an effective swing trader, helping you learn the basics of swing trading.

If you want to grow into an astute swing trader and make profits, read our carefully curated list of the best swing trading books:

1. The Master Swing Trader

Alan S. Farley is a master of both short-day trading and swing trading. 

The Master Swing Trader introduces readers to technical analysis tools, such as charts and market sentiment, to ensure you start making trades that can hold through price fluctuations and the noise in the market.

The book provides a practical guide to trading that draws lessons from his online courses, so you can start mastering the trade with time-tested and proven trading strategies.

Master Swing Trader has a bit of financial jargon, which is cleared out with a glossary to ensure no idea is beyond grasp.

Best Swing Trading Books

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 2. Mastering the Trade

Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter is an enduring, 448-page book that has been a trusted companion of swing traders and in-day traders since 2005. 

The book recognizes the significant changes in technology and gives swing traders strategies to thrive in evolving markets.

Case studies and the author’s life experience are used to great effect, which makes it perfect for those looking to find more trading opportunities based on real-world examples.

There are many active tips on swing trading and charts and video links available in the e-book version that reinforce the message.

Another plus is that the book is not dry and employs a bit of humor to keep you entertained while taking in its lessons.

Best swing trading books

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3. Swing Trading for Dummies

Swing Trading for Dummies is directed at readers who love learning new concepts in plain language. 

Omar Bassal offers insight to help you build skills that increase profits and reduce the risks associated with swing trades. 

The book gives an overall market view of swing trading and provides basic concepts that are handy to novices.

It mainly focuses on technical and fundamental analysis, as the main investment approaches to identify promising securities. 

The book is vital for developing a good trading plan to help determine entry points and exit points in the market.

Best Swing Trading Books

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4. Come into My Trading Room

Come into my Trading Room is a 320-page masterful stroke of genius from Dr. Alexander Elder that is designed for those who want to trade for a living.

Reading this book is a good idea for both novices and skilled traders.

It gives a comprehensive introduction to trading as well as handling the psychological aspects of disciplined trading.

Dr. Elder spends valuable time integrating what he calls the 3 M’s (Money, Method, and Mind) to help navigate swing trading. 

The book has undergone many revisions to give you the most updated knowledge on the topic, from one of the most experienced hands.

Best Swing Trading Books

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5. Swing Trading: Make Money Online: Introduction To Swing Trading For Beginners In 2018

Marcus Baumann cuts to the chase and gets to the heart of swing trading to help anyone learn how to hold positions for as long as necessary so they can exit with handsome profits. 

His book is suited for anyone who wants to diversify their portfolio.

The book makes it easier to trade commodities, indices, forex signals, and stocks by using powerful strategies that most guides lack. 

There is invaluable step-by-step guidance and tips that can help anyone grow their portfolio part-time.

Best Swing Trading Books

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6. How To Swing Trade

One of the best books on swing trading, this resource has a great starter introduction from Brian Pezim with a deep dive into the peculiarities of this craft. 

You will learn some of the advantages of swing trading from other trading strategies. 

All the tools necessary for swing trading and how to find a broker are clearly explained.

It is an excellent resource with insights that benefit skilled and novice traders alike. 

Careful reading will maximize getting good entries and exits and ways of managing your trading activities.

Best Swing Trading Books

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7. Swing Trading as a Part-Time Job

Want to take emotion out of the equation so you can start making smart, dispassionate trades?

Check out Swing Trading as a Part-Time Job.

This swing trading book by Brett Brown tries to help readers create a systematic approach for making profits from short-term trades.

The author slices through the fluff and concisely gives tips and techniques for becoming a better trader.

It addresses the content in a friendly tone with all the work written from a personal experience that relieves the long scholarly style in other books.

The little gem exposes advanced skills on leverage boosting and risk reduction that you will want to use.

While the name suggests you can learn this form of stock trading as a part-time job, you don’t have to stop there.

If you see success, you could certainly upgrade to a full-time swing trader.

Best Swing trading Books

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8. Swing Trading: An Innovative Guide to Trading with Lower Risk

Warwick Khan covers all the tested strategies of successful swing trading. You’ll learn how to calculate ROI and how to perform risk management of your portfolio. 

An in-depth study gives a glimpse on topics like breakout setups, pullback setups, huge volume setups, momentum setups, and IPO setups.

The book works with case studies to hammer its message home and packs lots of information to transform a casual reader into an avid sing trader. 

It also painstakingly paints a realistic portrait of swing trading, with all its risks and rewards.

Best Swing Trading Books

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9. Swing Trading Strategies: 3 Simple and Profitable Strategies for Beginners

Settling on an investment option can be a daunting task, as they all come with different risks and rewards. 

The book helps you determine what trading strategy is suitable for your specific situation.

Explore answers to different questions that are vital for both novice and experienced stock traders with a breakdown of several aspects of swing trading. 

You learn how to use several options such as candlesticks and charts to make the most informed decisions.

Best Swing trading Books

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10. The 5 Secrets To Highly Profitable Swing Trading

Everyone understands that the secret to profitable swing trading is a solid strategy. 

This book provides five proven tips to elevate your trades and develop a sturdy foundation for your swing trades.

One strategy details how to plan your moves by hunting 5% to 30% short-term winners so you can build large positions. 

The book teaches you to observe signals in swing trading and how to make great moves that bring money.

Best Swing Trading Books

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11. Charting and Technical Analysis

Successful swing trading requires in-depth knowledge in charting and other technical analyses for sound decision-making. 

The book prepares you to understand price and market movements that are vital in trading, stocks, forex, and much more.

The analysis goes much deeper than most books on how to become a successful swing trader which often have a generic conclusion that never works in the real world.

After reading this, you are equipped with 25 years of knowledge that details the mistakes and successes made by Fred McAllen so you can avoid missteps and make the most of your trades

It is direct and doesn’t sugarcoat anything for a clearer picture of analyzing instruments and holding a position strategically.

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12. Swing Trading: Tips and Tricks, Best Techniques and Principles, Advanced and Effective Strategies to Execute Swing Trading

This book is designed for those who had a stint in swing trading and want to get more success. 

It covers multiple topics on beginner, intermediate and advanced skills that make it suitable for everyone.

The author hits many key points that can take an average trader to an advanced trader.

This book explores advanced concepts, such as the Fibonacci retracement strategy, and it also has a psycho evaluation to help mentally prepare for swing trading. 

As a comprehensive book, there is something for everyone.

Best Swing Trading Books

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13. Trading: Technical Analysis Masterclass: Master the Financial Markets

With so many mysteries surrounding the financial market, Rolf Schlotmann tries to demystify it so that anyone can start swing trading with ease. 

There is a heavy emphasis on the technical analysis, explanation, and interpretation of market movements for guaranteed success.

The human element of the market, such as the mass psychology of traders, is brought to focus so you can effectively evaluate how different factors can lead to a swing.

The book tries to underscore the influence of human behavior patterns and emotion on selling decisions and how you can leverage them for profits.

Best Swing trading Books

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14. TRADING: 2 Books in 1: Swing Trading for Beginners & Swing Trading Strategies 

Matthew J Swing has two series on trading on the stock market, one aimed at introducing the concept to beginners and another on strategies to make money through solid swing trades.

The book deals with all aspects of trading, analyzing the merits and demerits of swing trading. 

He evaluates how swing trades can help make profits — even for investors who are short on time but still want to practice in-day trading.

The second series is a guide that deals with methods of succeeding in swing trading. 

There are at least five different tips to get you started making money in the financial markets.

The book has an excellent evaluation of how to have a positive mindset, how to correctly manage money and risk as well as how to maximize a swing trade’s return.

Best Swing Trading Books

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15. Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard: How to Achieve Super Performance in Stocks in Any Market

This is one of the most successful books that has received acclaim from the likes of Jack Swagger and some of the greatest investors of our time.

It is often termed “the investor’s guide to increasing the financial market return from 220% to a staggering 33,500% per year”.

The book outlines the SEPA method that can be scaled in virtually every type of market with guaranteed success. 

It combines topics that include risk management self-analysis and perseverance.

Best Swing Trading Books

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16. How to Make Money in Stocks: A Winning System in Good Times and Bad, Fourth Edition

Financial markets have ups and downs. Only a good strategy ensures that you can continue growing as other traders lose their cash.

The book is based on the study of winners from as far back as 1880 to 2009.

You can use the book to help you find stock before they can swing or make big price gains.

There are tips on picking the best stocks and hundreds of charts to help anyone spot the most profitable trends. 

It has remained a best seller since publishing and has even been endorsed by CNBC’s Larry Kudlow.

Best Swing Trading Books

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17. Swing Trading For Noobs: Everything You Need to Know to Start Investing

Get a swing trading book written for the 21st-century investor! 

This book is written by Laurence Price and details how you can be a winner mentally, physically, and emotionally to take swing trading by storm.

There is a generous amount of information that clarifies what swing trading is and isn’t and how it differs from other types of trading.

You’ll get advice on the kind of securities to invest in, how to assess suitable companies, tools, and rules for successful swing trading. 

The ideas are well developed and easy to follow.

Best Swing Trading Books

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18. Traders of the New Era Expanded Edition

Forget the theory; here is a practical guide with interviews from the best swing traders who keep beating the market.

Packed with interviews from notable figures, the book offers unique perspectives from successful traders. 

It also dissects how to succeed, especially with the proliferation of high-frequency trading and electronic markets.

Outdated swing trade tips are tossed out, bringing readers up to speed with a fresh take on trading. 

It also discusses other types of trading and strategies that dealers often neglect that lead to making bad trades.

Best Swing Trading Books

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Best Swing Trading Books: Final Thoughts

A great library of swing trading books is necessary to master trading without wasting time.

Learning from experienced traders is much more effective than trying to learn on the fly. 

Some books may teach you a different trading strategy, some may give you the winning mindset, and others may show you new skills.

To become a master swing trader, it’s important to understand technical indicators, money management, stop loss, and options trading

And every book can teach you one part of the puzzle to meet this goal. 

Keep reading the best swing trading books in 2021 to understand the marketplace, the players in the market, and become an all-around professional at swing trading.



Jessica is a published author and copywriter specializing in personal and investment finance. Her expertise is in financial product reviews and stock market education.