Tradersync Review: The Best Trading Journal Out There?

Noah Zelvis - April 28, 2021

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Trading journals are great tools to use for keeping tabs on all your trades. There are tons of trading journal products, but these platforms are not all created equally.

Luckily, The Stock Dork is here to help you discover which trading journal service is best for you.

This Tradersync review will fill you in on all this trading journal has to offer.

Tradersync Review

Tradersync Review: Overview

Back in 2014, a group of designers and programmers took the plunge into the world of trading. It didn’t take the team long to determine they needed a good way to track and analyze their trades, and they discovered Excel sheets just weren’t enough.

That same team gave birth to Tradersync to give traders the chance to track and study data through trade journaling. This was done with the hope of boosting their market win rate, all while minimizing their time commitment.

With their software proven to be one of the best out there, the team made the browser-based service available to everyone to create even more trading success.

Tradersync Review: What is Tradersync?

Tradersync is a stellar trade journal with tons of features to help take your trades to the next level. Tradersync not only helps you keep track of current trades, but it also lets you peek back at past trades to see what worked and what didn’t.

The product links to over 100 different brokerages, including big names like TD Ameritrade and Robinhood. Automatic importing makes it easy and fast to bring trade data over. Once your data is inside Tradersync, all the reports, charting, and other features are at your fingertips.

To add to the list of perks, Tradersync has a mobile app for both Android and iOS phones. These apps make trade management possible at any time, anywhere.

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Tradersync Review: What’s Included with Tradersync?

Tradersync is not shy about giving its members a ton of features to work with. Let’s take a look at their top offerings:

Tradersync Review: Trade Journaling

Tradersync review trade journal

The trading journal is Tradersync’s top feature and is designed to monitor trading behavior across stocks, options, Forex, futures, and futures options. Within the trading journal are a ton of features that  help users analyze previous trading.

No matter where you do your trading, it’s always a good idea to record those trades in a trading journal. Tradersync has a very easy to use trading journal that makes it painless to import trades to.

From there, you can review the ups and downs of your trading performance and make assessments on what to do next with those trades.

Trade Tagging

Two of the most impressive features of the trading journal are setup and mistake tags. Setup tags will remind you what your goal was when you entered into a trade. A mistakes tag offers a chance to review what went wrong with a trade you were working with.

Both setup and mistakes tags help track trading behavior so that you can avoid the same mistakes down the line.


Another bonus of Tradersync’s trade journal is the ability to add notes to each trade, reminding yourself why you took a look at the asset in the first place. Record notes for any of your trades and even attach things like the price chart for future reference.

Tradersync notes

Track Commissions and Fees

The trading journal also makes it easy to track commissions and fees by importing the data or entering it in manually. You can also set up rules within Tradersync to automatically add this information as you add trades.

Tradersync review: track commissions and fees


The trade journal also allows you to take a look at your trades in interactive chart form. Trade data is automatically imported with information like entry price, target price, and stop losses. This makes it easy to plot your data to review contents and track performance.

Tradersync Review: Reporting

Tradersync reporting

Depending on the membership plan you’ve signed up for (starting at the Pro Tier and above), you’ll unlock several reports to run your trade data through. The software platform keeps track of information on each trade, including data categories such as the market sector, entry price, volume, and even the day of the week you made the trade.

You can filter trade data by any of these criteria to view trading performance. Running a report by day of the week will show profits and losses on each trading day. You can use this data for strategy tracking and give yourself the best chance at trading success.

To go one step further, Tradersync has a built-in simulator to let you create a hypothetical situation based on your past performance data. This trade report enables you to see how profits and losses might change depending on adjustments to your trading behavior.

Tradersync Review: Share Information

Tradersyn share information

You’ll also have the ability to share any of your trades, trading data, or ideas with others to get feedback on how your strategy is set up if you choose.

Trade data is normally set to private, but with a few clicks, you can create a public profile and share your trades with the world.

Tradersync Review: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Feedback

Tradersync offers an advanced artificial intelligence engine that carefully peruses your trades for patterns at the higher subscription tiers. The AI will report these findings back to you in an easy-to-digest format to allow you to make changes as needed.

Tradersync AI

Tradersync Review: Trade Management

Only available to Elite level traders, the Trade Management tool enables you to develop a trading plan by creating rules in Tradersync. The software will then plot your trades from the beginning, using a color-coding system to show which trades followed the plan and which ones didn’t.

You’ll be able to use this chart to identify profits and losses, and to determine how well those rules might work moving forward.

Tradersync Review: Video Tutorials

The developers have set up an impressive library of video tutorials to teach members the ins and outs of their service. These videos are top quality, cover a wide range of topics, and do a great job explaining each of the site’s features.

The team works hard to add new content here regularly to make it as easy as possible for members to use the site.

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Tradersync Review: Is Tradersync Safe?

No trading is performed on Tradersync, so none of your money will ever pass through the site. Trade data that does end up on the platform is safely stored in the cloud using Amazon’s servers. Connections to your data in the cloud are always encrypted and require a login.

Tradersync Review: Tradersync Cancellation Policy Review

Tradersync makes it as easy as a few clicks to cancel a membership but be warned that the software platform offers no refunds for purchases past the 7-day free trial. The company believes that the free trial should provide traders with the information they need to review the service before making a decision.

Tradersync Review: How Much Does Tradersync Cost?

Tradersync has four different tiers that traders can take advantage of. With the obvious exception of the free tier, each paid plan has a 7-day free trial to allow day traders the chance to see what the software is all about.

A credit card is not required to use the free trial, so a trader can jump in with no risk.


The Free Tier has no monetary cost but does require the use of a Twitter account. In order to activate a free account, traders must post a tweet during the setup process to kick things off. The site does state they will not post a tweet without a user’s consent.

A trader will then have to share tweets periodically to keep the account from closing. There’s no shortcut here. The Tradersync platform monitors Twitter accounts and will ask a trader to tweet something new if they delete an old post, or the account will be closed.

Once the account is set up, users have to import trades onto the platform manually. Only the most basic features are available, including tagging of setups and mistakes. Users can only work with stocks on the Free Tier.


The Pro Tier adds several features that the Free Tier is lacking. Traders will now have access to the trading journal software, tracking data, charting features, loads of reporting tools, calendar, and customer support.

Traders can also use the trade importer to import trades to the Tradersync software platform automatically.

At $29.95 per month, the Pro Tier gives traders the ability to really start to dive into the site’s trading data. Signing up for a one-year subscription lowers the price by 13% to $26.00 per month by paying $312.68 annually.


In addition to everything in the Pro Tier, Tradersync’s Premium Tier adds another level of reporting data that users can use to study their trading performance on the market. The most notable performance reports come in the form of the simulator and the evaluator.

These extra trading features are available for a monthly fee of $49.99. These extra trading features are available for a monthly fee of $49.99. As with the Pro Tier, signing up for a year lowers the price by 13% to $43.42 per month by paying $521.48 annually.


The Elite Tier allows access to the best that Tradersync has to offer. Here, a trader receives the most comprehensive tools for trade management for the most streamlined trade journaling.

Automatic target/stop losses tracking keeps a close eye on trading strategies. Artificial intelligence feedback analyzes patterns in data and provides the results in a format that’s easy to review.

Naturally, this large number of features comes at a higher price point. An Elite Tier subscription is $79.95 per month, or a yearly subscription lowers the price by 13% to $69.50 per month by paying $834.68 annually.

Tradersync Review: Pros and Cons

With a ton of great features and analytics at your fingertips, Tradersync has a lot going for it. Take a gander at the pros and cons of the service:

Tradersync Pros

  • Works with several different market assets
  • Can access data from over 100 brokerages
  • Smooth trade import processes
  • Friendly, well-polished user interface
  • Unlimited setup and mistake tags
  • 7-day free trial
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Basic journaling available for free
  • Lots of options for customization
  • Tiers of service for any budget

Tradersync Cons

  • Trade Management tool can be complex to use
  • Some charting axes are not adjustable

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Tradersync Review: Is Tradersync Right for Me?

Looking at all the benefits the software offers, there seems to be something for every trader to grab onto.

Beginners can take advantage of the platform’s tools to see where their trades have gone right and wrong. There are enough advanced analytics to keep advanced traders excited for the long hall as well.

Tradersync makes their powerful trading platform accessible and available to all traders no matter where you’re currently at in your trading career. With four different pricing tiers, cost should not be a hurdle.

If you’re okay sharing a few posts on Twitter, there’s no reason not to at least sign up for the free tier Tradersync offers to get a feel for the software service.

Tradersync Reviews by Members

Reviewers on Trustpilot have a lot of good things to say about the service, with their average rating sitting at 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. Here are some of the more recent posts:

Hands down TraderSync is the Number 1 trading log app in the market now. I was blown away by the quality and features built into it. Guys, they have a free Mobile app too. The folks I worked with on account creation and support were super nice and prompt in response. I am hooked.

-Matthew, on Trustpilot

Tradersync is very easy to read and very clear. If you are new to trading like me they were great at being patient and answering all the crazy newbie questions I had. And their platform is so easy to read, compared to the other company I tried. Day and night difference. They have a great platform and more importantly great customer service and people who care. They are the best for a reason, in my opinion.

-David, on Trustpilot

Final Review: Is Tradersync Worth It?

Tradersync is more than just one of the better trade journals on the market. The service has many built-in features to help traders see where their strengths and weaknesses lay in trading. It does require some hands-on work, but members agree it’s well worth the effort.

Having a smart way to dive deeper into your trades may be a valuable addition to any trader’s portfolio. Best of all, the service is available at price points that traders should have no trouble getting behind.

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