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Best Stocks Under 50 Cents To Buy For May 2022!

Sarah Foley - April 14, 2022

best stocks under 50 cents

With an effective strategy, investing in penny stocks under 50 cents can yield solid returns. The best stocks under 50 cents have substantial volume and momentum, which savvy investors can use to their advantage.

It’s important to note that investing in penny stocks with low share prices can be quite volatile.

Investors need to be aware of this risk before buying these stocks.

However, penny stocks under 50 cents can be a lucrative option for day traders.

The volatility that makes them a risky choice for long-term investment can actually be helpful for short-term trades.

With some research and an understanding of stock market patterns, you can time your investment to take advantage of these ups and downs.

We’ve rounded up the best penny stocks under 50 cents to add to your investment portfolio.

If you’re looking for more penny stocks, be sure to read about the best stocks under $1under $5, and under $10.

Best Stocks Under 50 Cents

Tullow Oil (OTC: TUWOY)

Tullow Oil is a London-based gas and oil exploration enterprise with a particular interest in South America and Africa.

The company currently has interests in 8 countries within those regions and over 30 licenses for exploration.

Furthermore, it sees the value in investing in these areas of the world through things like job creation and tax payments.

In addition to exploring for sources of energy, Tullow Oil also develops and produces its own assets.

Tullow Oil is trending upwards in net income, earnings per share, and cash on hand, only narrowly missing revenue numbers from last year.

These changes positively affect share prices, which sit nearly 15% higher than last year.

As Tullow Oil continues to diversify its operations and expand its processes, it looks like it could be in a strong position moving forward.

Harvest One Cannabis Inc. (OTCMKTS: HRVOF)

Harvest One Cannabis is a creator and provider of self-care and wellness products that specifically target sleep and pain.

The company manufactures products that are both infused and not infused with cannabis.

It accomplishes this through two subsidiaries, Dream Water and LivRelief.

Dream Water is a portable drink that provides a natural blend of ingredients that help the body get a good night’s sleep.

LivRelief is a series of creams designed to reduce pain and treat inflammation of joints, nerves, and muscles.

These products are already on the market and seeing increased sales numbers in the United States and Canada.

Harvest One has recently released a line of edibles from both of these lines.

The company did have a misstep with revenue this past quarter, generating less than it did during the same quarter last year.

Even so, investing now may be a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a unique market niche.

Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: TNXP)

Tonix Pharmaceuticals has been working since 2011 to develop medications that aid individuals with chronic conditions.

Drug categories include fibromyalgia, migraines, and depression, among others.

The fibromyalgia treatment is already in the middle of phase 3 clinical study, while several others are slated to start phase 2 in the second quarter of 2022.

Biotech penny stocks can see a lot of volatility as they wait for drugs to reach FDA approval.

Such volatility can be appealing to day traders who like to ride the market waves.

Tonix looks to be drawing ever closer to approving its first drug, and these events could come with share price spikes.

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Best Penny Stocks Under 50 Cents

Cineworld Group PLC (OTC: CNNWF)

Cineworld Group has emerged over the last 25 years as one of the top movie theater chains in Europe.

The company also has a large presence in the United States which makes up nearly 70% of its revenue.

It also generates income through retail products and other means in addition to box office purchases.

2018 saw the purchase of Regal Entertainment Group to grow Cineworld’s size immensely.

Regal is just one of several subsidiaries that fall under Cineworld’s umbrella.

With over 9,300 screens, Cineworld is the second-largest cinema business in the world.

Cineworld is still working off its debt from the Regal purchase but is steadily chipping away each month.

Looking to the future, Cineworld looks to continue expansion to new areas to maximize exposure.

Spanish Mountain Gold Ltd. (OTC: SPAZF)

Spanish Mountain Gold isn’t located in Spain but is on the hunt for gold.

The company has 100% ownership of a gold project in south-central British Columbia.

It recently finished a feasibility study for the mine, revealing approximately 14 years of life.

Concurrently, Spanish Mountain Gold is actively pursuing other resources for future expansion.

Gold holds a lot of value, and companies mining it often reap the benefits.

Getting onboard with Spanish Mountain Gold now could spell big dividends when mining begins.

Stocks Under 50 Cents On Robinhood

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (NYSE American: NAK)

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd is a Canadian mining company with enough volume to earn itself a spot on the NYSE American Stock Exchange.

The company heads the Pebble Project, tasked with discovering and mining rhenium, gold, silver, copper, and molybdenum.

Anchored in Alaska, Northern Dynasty Minerals states this is the world’s largest untapped concentration of these metals.

The project is further designed to provide jobs and economic boosts to Alaskans.

With a market cap of $204 million, the company has a stronger foothold and some increased stability.

Heavily invested in the U.S. economy, Northern Dynasty Minerals hopes to create new jobs while reducing the United States’ reliance on foreign copper.

Once the company starts mining, it has the potential to reach great heights.

ToughBuilt Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: TBLT)

ToughBuilt creates a long line of tools and accessories for the construction space.

Products cover items for storage and organization, stands, and an assortment of hand tools.

The company prides itself on innovative items that make work easier, better, and faster.

In November, ToughBuilt launched two new global product lines to back up its claim.

ToughBuilt is doing well on revenue goals and is quick to reinvest funds into new technology.

As a newer company, ToughBuilt continues to make a name for itself against even well-established manufacturers.

Should You Buy Stocks Under 50 Cents?

Many people avoid investing because they think they can’t afford to get started.

However, penny stocks come with a more accessible price point.

It’s important to note that investing in penny stocks isn’t going to make you rich right away.

You’ll need a good understanding of the market and the risks involved to make successful trades with penny stocks.

When looking at penny stocks at this price point, you’ll want to look at stocks that have consistent daily volume.

A higher trading volume makes a stock far less subject to volatility.

When trading volume is too low, just one trade can affect the stock’s share price.

Another factor to look at when investing in stocks under 50 cents is the company’s financial history.

Recent earnings reports, acquisitions, and other deals can send shares moving up and down.

Since the stock market is very cyclical, you can watch trading patterns to determine when to buy low and sell high.

An excellent way to find new penny stocks is by using a stock screener.

With a stock screener, you can scan for solid stocks that meet your trading criteria.

Tools like this can help you find the best possible investment for your goals and strategies to ensure you never miss a profitable trade.

They can also help you find OTCBB stocks and pink sheet gainers you might not have heard of before.

Many of these stock screeners will allow you to sign up free, but some do charge a monthly fee.

If you’re looking for affordably priced stocks and have a strong risk tolerance, these under 50 cents penny stocks could be a good choice for you.

Where to Buy Stocks Under 50 Cents

You will find yourself a bit hard-pressed to find stocks under 50 cents on the major exchanges, as these require a certain number of shareholders and share volume.

If you plan to see what’s available on markets like AMEX, we recommend using Robinhood.

This platform offers a very intuitive approach to scanning for stocks, making it easy to locate those under 50 cents.

That being said, most of these low-cost stocks spend their time on the over the counter (OTC) markets.

To access these, you’ll need to sign up for a comprehensive program like Fidelity.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to many more markets at your fingertips than those like Robinhood or Webull that only look to the most popular ones.

Stocks Under 50 Cents: Final Thoughts

These stocks under 50 cents are hidden gems with exciting potential.

You can never predict exactly what’s going to happen with the stock market.

However, all of these companies have exciting things in the works that could help them break out of the 50 cent range.

Stocks Under 50 Cents FAQ

Here are answers to some of the top questions for stocks under 50 cents.

What Stock Should I Buy for 1 Dollar?

We have our favorite picks around the dollar mark right in our best stocks under $1 article.

The GEE Group and Sundial Growers are showing a lot of promise for future growth.

Which Share Is Best to Buy Now for Under 50 Cents?

We’re keeping our eyes on Harvest One Cannabis as it expands its product line.

Similarly, Tullow Oil has been seeing gains and looks to continue moving in that direction.

Does Robinhood Allow Penny Stocks?

Robinhood only lists stocks that trade on the major exchanges.

It can be tricky to find penny stocks that meet their stringent listing requirements, but they are out there.

What Stocks Are Up and Coming?

Stocks at the 50 cent or less price range can see huge swings in short order.

That being said, we like what we’re seeing with Harvest One Cannabis and Tullow Oil.



Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She covers finance as well as real estate, technology, pop culture, and more.