Best Penny Stocks to Trade This Week

Hassan Maishera - November 25, 2019

As Black Friday approaches, there’s a chance that the market will get a little giddy. Penny stocks could be on the move this week too. The Dork’s picks for the best penny stocks will help you get started. Keep an eye on these cheap stocks over the next few days.

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Best Penny Stocks to Trade Week

Last week, the stock market was in the red for most of the week. However, the pull-backs were limited and stocks could be in store for a big rebound this week. Index futures were in the green and climbing higher as of Monday Morning.

Aslan Pharmaceutical (ADR: ASLN)

The shares of ASLAN PHARMACEU sky-rocketed by over 300% over the past few days. Share prices exploded after reports revealed that its ASLAN003 drug could potentially treat acute myeloid leukemia.

The Singapore-based company developed the drug as a potential human dihydroorotate dehydrogenase inhibitor. Aslan Pharmaceutical conducted a Phase 2a study of ASLAN003 in acute myeloid leukemia and the market liked the results. The drug is still in review but the outlook is promising.

Stage Stores Inc. (SSI)

Stage Stores Inc. is another penny stock you could trade this week. The stock has been up by 39% since the company reported its third-quarter earnings. With positive earnings recorded, Stage Stores Inc.’s stock could surge higher this week.

stage penny stock

Shares of Stage Stores rallied after the company posted better-than-expected numbers on its quarterly earnings report.

Stage Stores Inc.’s comparable sales for Q3 was up by 17.4%. The net loss was $15.9 million, which is down from the $31.4 million recorded in the same quarter of 2018. The company’s adjusted EBITDA stood at $28.5 million, up from the $15.2 million recorded last year.

The positive earnings report has seen the stock perform excellently, and it could continue that way as the market attempts to recover.

Artelo Biosciences Inc. (ARTL)

Artelo’s stock has been performing well in recent weeks and could be set to do the same this week. The California-based pharmaceutical company has seen its stock price rise by 25% over the past few hours.

penny stocks to trade

Artelo Biosciences specializes in developing cannabis-based therapies, and its shares are up 25% since last week’s close.

Last week, Artelo announced that it would be presenting at Annual Investival Showcase in London. Artelo is a biopharmaceutical company committed to the creation and commercialization of proprietary therapeutics. The firm’s drugs primarily relate to the endocannabinoid system.

OpGen Inc. (OPGN)

OpGen is a company that is currently developing better alternatives to treat infection and eliminate antibiotic resistance. Its stock is up by 22% over the past 24 hours and could be one of the leading penny stocks for the week.

The stock dipped earlier this month after the company missed revenue estimations in the third quarter. OpGen recorded a quarterly loss of $3.34 per share, which is higher than the loss of $2.60 per share estimated by analysts.

The earnings also dropped by 28.5% from the same quarter of last year. Despite its poor performance, OpGen’s stock has started to recover and could surge higher in the coming week.

More Penny Stocks to Trade This Week

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Hassan Maishera is a cryptocurrency expert and a Stock Dork freelance contibutor.

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