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Top 5 Robotics Penny Stocks To Buy For June 2022!

Sarah Foley - December 08, 2021

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Want to know the hottest robotic penny stocks on the market right now? Read our top picks and get a full breakdown of each company listed.

Robotics technology has improved rapidly in recent years, especially as companies around the world work to implement industrial automation.

This means that many exciting robotics companies have popped up, and some are using robotics in a way that we couldn’t have imagined just a decade ago.

By investing in the top robotics stocks, you could benefit from growth in this industry.

Many of these robotics stocks are currently penny stocks, which means that they have share prices of less than $5.

We’ve rounded up some of the best robotic stocks on the market to add to your portfolio.

robotics penny stocks

Popular Robotics Penny Stocks

ReWalk Robotics Ltd. (NASDAQ: RWLK)

ReWalk Robotics designs robotics specifically for patients with medical conditions that affect their mobility.

Its robotics technology provides physical support and guidance for patients who have had strokes, spinal cord injuries, or other issues that make it difficult for them to walk.

These robots could end up being life-changing for people with these issues.

Severe mobility impairments can often make it difficult for patients to have a normal job or social life, but ReWalk’s robots could change that in the future.

While ReWalk’s most recent earnings report left something to be desired, analysts are more optimistic about its future.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently gave one of its products a “breakthrough device” designation.

This news caused ReWalk’s share price to spike temporarily.

ReWalk will need to continue this progress to keep its stock price on a positive trajectory.

robotics penny stocks

Viomi Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: VIOT)

Viomi Technology is a Chinese company that develops IoT-enabled technology.

The company makes a wide range of robot vacuums.

Viomi Technology has also developed other smart home products and software, including smart refrigerators, speakers, printers, and much more.

These products are readily available to Chinese consumers, who can buy them directly through their official website or mobile app.

It also partners with Xiaomi, which is a popular consumer electronics company in China. 

While we often think of robots in manufacturing or other labor environments, they have plenty of potential for use at home, too.

Robot vacuums are just the beginning — there are so many ways that Viomi could implement robotics in the future. 

Viomi’s stock price has stayed fairly level over the last six months.

Its share price spiked slightly in October on news of a stock buyback program but hasn’t been able to maintain that growth.

Viomi’s price-to-earnings ratio is relatively low right now.

This means its stock could be a good deal given their most recent earnings report.

However, the company has yet to release its third-quarter earnings for 2021, which could have a significant effect on its share price. 

Interested investors should keep an eye on news from Viomi going forward. 

robotics penny stocks

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Medical Robotics Penny Stocks to Buy

Accuray Inc. (NASDAQ: ARAY)

Accuray is a medical technology company currently based in California.

This company develops radiation treatments for a variety of cancers.

Some of these treatments use robotic systems for more precise results.

For example, its CyberKnife device uses artificial intelligence to keep the radiation focused directly on the tumor.

This means that even if the patient moves during treatment, the robot can keep the radiation precisely focused on the tumor.

With robot-powered healthcare solutions like these, Accuray aims to make cancer treatment more efficient and effective.

Accuray’s share price shot up at the end of October 2021.

This was a result of record revenue numbers for the most recent quarter as well as recommendations from popular stock market analysts.

Time will tell if the penny stock can maintain its meteoric rise, but for right now, there’s a lot to like about Accuray.

robotics penny stocks

Asensus Surgical Inc. (NYSE: ASXC)

One area where robotics has huge potential to keep growing is surgery.

Since robots are incredibly precise, they could be trained to perform surgeries that are challenging or inefficient for humans.

Asensus Surgical is based in North Carolina and is developing robotics to assist with minimally invasive surgeries.

These robots will help doctors provide better care by using a digital interface.

Asensus Surgical stock has been trading sideways for a while now.

Although this company has been around since 2006, it’s just now starting to make headway and face a lot of competition from other medical automation stocks.

However, its surgical robots have a lot of potential, and its revenue could increase in the future as more health systems implement robotics technology.

Asensus stock also caught the eye of Reddit investment boards earlier this year.

While this isn’t necessarily an indication of the quality of the stock — either way, attention from Reddit does tend to mean higher-than-average trading volume for penny stocks.

This is a positive sign, as penny stocks with higher trading volumes are much easier to sell when you need to.

Innodata stock has been on a steady upward trajectory over the last several years.

Its share price is up over 300% since early 2020.

While Innodata had been consistently able to increase their net income over the past few quarters, their most recent earnings report was less thrilling.

Investors were discouraged by a net loss overall.

However, this could be an excellent opportunity to “buy the dip”.

Innodata’s unique data technology could have many applications in our technology-driven world.

robotics penny stocks

Robotics Penny Stocks Under $1

Kraken Robotics (OTC: KRKNF)

Kraken Robotics is a small Canadian company that develops robotics for underwater research.

Its robots can conduct comprehensive underwater surveys with high-resolution images.

These underwater robots have both commercial and military applications.

Deep-sea research can be very dangerous, so using robots seems like a logical next step for this industry.

Kraken currently offers full end-to-end robotics services for clients, ranging from development to implementation and maintenance.

Kraken Robotics stock has struggled this past year, but there’s still quite a bit of potential for future growth here.

The company recently acquired PanGeo, which will allow it to expand its robots-as-a-service offerings.

Moving in this direction could help the company improve its revenue in the future.


robotics penny stocks


Should You Buy Robotics Penny Stocks?

The robotics industry is already booming, but it’s likely to continue growing even more in the future.

Right now, corporations are using robots for manufacturing, e-commerce, medicine, and more.

However, we can expect to see robotics used in even more industries moving forward.

This means that existing robotics companies have plenty of room to expand their customer base in the future.

Because robots are in such high demand right now, they have the potential to be very lucrative for the companies that make them.

If robots and other automation systems continue to perform well, robotics stocks could generate strong returns to match.

Buying robotics penny stocks is one way that any investor can take advantage of robotics trends.

We’ve already seen many robotics success stories on the stock market.

For example, Brooks Automation was trading as a penny stock at this time ten years ago.

Today, its shares are worth over $120 each.

Risks of Trading Penny Stocks

It’s important to note that there are some risks that come with investing in penny stocks.

Most notably, these stocks can be quite volatile because of their low trading volume.

With fewer people trading the stock each day, each trade has a bigger impact on the stock’s share price.

Low volume can also make it difficult to sell a stock when you want to.

However, investors that are aware of these risks can use penny stocks to generate strong returns.

When buying any penny stock, it’s important to time your purchases carefully and keep an eye on the company’s financial information, price targets, and other important information.

Where to Buy Robotics Penny Stocks?

Robinhood and Webull are some of the top online brokers for trading robotics penny stocks.

Setting up an account and trading on their platforms is a breeze.

If you’re looking for accessibility, check out Robinhood first; but if you want more research tools, Webull should be on your radar.

Robotics Penny Stocks: Final Words

Robotics are completely changing the way we work.

From streamlining manufacturing processes to performing minimally invasive surgery, there is so much that robots can do.

Investing in robotics stocks could potentially be a very lucrative move going forward.

robotics penny stocks


FAQs About Robotics Penny Stocks

Check out our FAQ on robotics penny stocks to get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What Is the Best Robot Stock to Invest In?

Asensus Surgical Inc. (NYSE: ASXC) is a good place to start your search for the best robot stock to invest in, as it has seen a lot of growth over the past year.

Are There Any AI Penny Stocks in Robotics?

Asensus Surgical Inc. (NYSE: ASXC) uses some fantastic applications of artificial intelligence with its medical solutions.

Is Investing in Robotics a Good Idea?

Investing in robotics can be a good idea if you perform proper research and do your due diligence when picking a robotics stock; while the market may be in a great position, you’ll need to research and practice sound market timing to profit.



Sarah Foley is a freelance content writer based in Chicago. She covers finance as well as real estate, technology, pop culture, and more.