The 9 Best Stocks Under $1 To Buy For February 2021!

Brent Davis - February 22, 2021

Before we get into the best stocks under $1, many traders will know that cheap stocks are a whole different breed. 

People trade these stocks primarily because of their volatility. Penny stocks can dramatically increase or decrease in value over the course of a normal trading day. 

For example, if a $0.10 stock increases to $1, you can make quite a bit of cash. So, what are the characteristics you are looking for in a decent stock under one dollar? Well, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Try to look for a quality exchange…if possible. When looking for a quality penny stock, try to find a quality exchange. We recommend tried and true options like the NYSE or Nasdaq. If you do see a stock on the OTC Markets, we think you should stick to the OTCQX. It’s the highest tier of the OTC and has the clearest standards.
  • Earnings per share – Now this may be hard to come by in the world of penny stocks, but it’s worth your time to check the EPS and see if the company is profitable. It should not be a dealbreaker, but it is good to know and might give you some level of comfort.
  • Trading volume – Daily trading volume is a good indicator of other traders‘ willingness to buy. You want to make sure there is some solid volume. If you want to sell, you are going to need to make sure there is someone who will take the shares off your hands. Check the volume to make sure you have some liquidity. 

Now that we have established a bit of a guidepost, let’s look at the best stocks to buy now under $1.

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Best Stocks Under $1 with Potential

These stocks are the most promising and best stocks under one dollar. 

The Maven logo

TheMaven (OTC: MVEN)

TheMaven is a software company and media network in Seattle, Washington. They currently have a market cap of $114.14 million. They have a number of high profile subsidiaries, including Sports Illustrated,, and HubPages. 

This company also runs closed-channel software for journalists and other media executives. They work with a variety of independent publishers and provide content distribution and engagement services. 

The publisher has had their fair share of issues in the past. They did not release financial documents during 2018 and 2019. However, the founder resigned in August 2020 and a new CEO has since taken over. 

With this change of leadership, TheMaven is looking to turn things around. They are filing these important financial reports and have been conducting funding rounds for a reverse stock split. 

The services that TheMaven offers for the media industry are very important, as people are now consuming huge amounts of content each day online. TheMaven’s stock price has been relatively stagnant over the past few months, but there’s potential for things to turn around with new leadership. 

Caixabank logo

Caixabank (OTC: CAIXY)

Caixabank is a socially responsible financial company that has a long-term universal banking model. As of their most recent quarterly reports, the company topped an $11 billion market cap and has an EPS of $0.13. Caixabank is also a good dividend stock and has managed a stable $0.03 per share for the past 2 years. 
Caixabank recently announced a merger with Bankia that could close early in Q1 2021. The goal of this merger is to achieve gains in efficiency and deploy new business models for the digital era. 
In a recent press release, chairman Jordi Gaul stated: “These achievements are particularly important in times like these, because they have allowed us to support families and businesses alike by granting moratoria, loans, advance furlough payments and unemployment benefits, so that they can better cope with the economic impact of the pandemic.”
The merger will likely generate cost savings by streamlining operations. Projections indicate an estimated €770 million in savings. 
Caxia also stated that their NPL is expected to rise by 3% points and their capital adequacy ratio will exceed minimum requirements by 310 base points. All this news gives a strong buy signal for Caixabank stock. 

Northern Dynasty Minerals (NYSE AMERICAN: NAK)

Northern Dynasty Minerals is a Canadian mining company with operations in Alaska. Their Alaskan Pebble Project could be a massive source of copper, gold, and other metals. 

This stock has been up and down over the past several months. In late 2020, the US Army Corps of Engineers chose not to approve a permit for the Pebble Project, and the company’s stock immediately dropped. However, Northern Dynasty decided to appeal the decision in early February. 

If the permit goes through, Northern Dynasty Minerals stock could jump out of the $1 range. However, investors should be aware that the stock could also drop again if the permit is denied. This is a good choice for investors that are willing to take a risk. 


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Best Stocks Under 1 Dollar That Pay Dividends

Chesapeake Granite Wash (OTC: CHKR)

The Chesapeake Energy Corporation runs this trust, which currently has a market cap of $12.86 million. The trust owns royalty interests from Chesapeake’s oil and natural gas operations in Oklahoma. 

Despite this stock’s low share price, they pay a consistent dividend of approximately $0.02 per share annually. Their share price was slowly declining for a six-month period in 2020, but started to pick up again in December. 

The oil and natural gas industries have been very volatile this past year, and that is something that investors will want to watch out for with this stock. However, the dividends may make it an attractive pick for some investors. 

Biotech Stocks Under $1

InspireMD logo


InspireMD is an Israeli company that develops new technologies to support cardiovascular health. In particular, their products are designed to help prevent strokes in patients that are already at risk. 

Their CGuard embolic protection system was recently approved by the FDA, which has given their share prices a boost. They’re currently working to expand their slate of cardiovascular products and expect to see further positive developments later on in 2021. 

Institutional investors have also taken note of this company in recent months. This has been another key factor in their recent growth. While their share price remains under $1 for now, don’t be surprised if their share price breaks that threshold soon. 

Synthetic Biologics Inc. (NYSE AMERICAN: SYN)

Synthetic Biologics is a biotech company that develops therapeutic drugs to treat gastrointestinal problems. They currently have two drugs in the pipeline, one of which is currently in phase II trials. 

When this drug entered these phase II trials in the beginning of January, it caught the market’s attention. This stock shot up by 34 percent in just one day. While there have been some fluctuations since then, the stock has ultimately remained around $0.80 per share. 

As this trial starts over the next few months, Synthetic Biologics will be a stock worth keeping an eye on. There’s plenty of potential for future growth if these trials are successful. 

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Marijuana Stocks Under $1

Tilt Holdings logo

TILT Holdings (OTC: TLLTF)

TILT Holdings is a company that offers products and services for marijuana brands. They provide essential support for the rapidly growing cannabis industry and help their clients adjust to shifting regulations. 

The largest company in TILT’s portfolio is Jupiter Research, which designs and manufactures vaporization technology. Their other brands include Standard Farms, a medical marijuana grower in Pennsylvania, and Commonwealth Alternative Care, which makes and distributes cannabis products in Massachusetts. In the Canadian market, they own Sante Veritas Therapeutics, which owns processing facilities in Vancouver as well as their own marijuana brands. 

In addition to owning these brands, TILT works with cannabis companies around the world. They assist with both production and distribution – two operations that can be difficult for small cannabis companies to scale up. 

TILT Holdings has been on a steady growth trajectory since December 2020. This is definitely a stock to watch for gains as we move forward into March. 

Energy Stocks Under $1

Gran Tierra Energy Stocks (NYSE AMERICAN: GTE)

Gran Tierra Energy is a Canadian company with oil and gas operations worldwide. Some of their biggest operations are in Ecuador and Colombia. 

The energy market struggled through 2020. However, many investors are bullish on the market as travel is starting to pick up again around the world, increasing demand for oil and gas. 

Gran Tierra did have to stop production at times during 2020 due to COVID restrictions, but they’ve managed to keep their oil reserves stable to keep up with demand.

Some investors think this energy stock might be undervalued given their production and earnings. Their stock price has gone up significantly in January and February, but is still less than $1. 

Cheap Stocks To Buy Now Under $1 Dollar

Acasti Pharma logo

Acasti Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: ACST)

ACST’s lead product candidate is CaPre, an omega-3 phospholipid therapeutic that is in Phase III clinical trial to treat patients with hypertriglyceridemia, and recent results were not what the company was hoping for, but there was triglyceride reduction, just not enough to warrant the trials being called a success.

While it may be counterintuitive to some to buy the stock while the company evaluates strategy, ACST is extremely cheap and there is more than one way to use the therapy with the clinical data that has been gathered.

Acasti’s most recent earnings report beat expectations. Their shares started trading higher in February as a result. Good financial results are something to look for in any penny stock, especially with the current economic climate. 

Integrated Ventures (OTC: INTV)

Many investors have been touting cryptocurrency as the ‘next big thing’ for several years now. While popular cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum can be very volatile, they also have made some savvy investors very wealthy. 

Integrated Ventures is a software company that works with new cryptos to launch them and keep them up and running online. They primarily develop crypto mining equipment and blockchain software. 

Investing in Integrated Ventures could be an affordable way to benefit from the cryptocurrency boom without actually investing in volatile cryptos. While their stock is still under $1, their share price popped in early February. This indicates that investors are curious about exciting new crypto technology. This is definitely a stock to watch moving forward into March. 

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Best Stocks Under $1: Conclusion

Those are the best stock under a dollar that we recommend. We have tried to cover a wide range of catalysts and market events, so do your research and see which ones best fit your own portfolio’s profile.

Are there any stocks under a dollar that we missed? Are there any stocks with serious growth potential that we need to know about in the nano-cap or small-cap space? Let us know in the comments below.


Brent Davis has been writing about the financial markets for 10 years and worked in research for the last five years at a Fortune 500 company. Brent's investing strategy is to buy high-quality companies and then let compounding do its thing.

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