Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Before 2020

Hassan Maishera - November 26, 2019

Dividend stocks can deliver excellent results for investors. After all, it’s always nice to get a little something back. Dividend stocks can create income and provide a hedge against losses.

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Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Before Next Year

Here are the best dividend stocks to buy before the new year.

Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)

Lockheed is an American aerospace and defense tech company based in Bethesda. The Lockheed’s dividend yield stands at 2.24%, which is way above the Defense industry yield of 0.85%. The 5-year return percentage for this stock is 105%, which is higher than the 50% S&P 500 average. This makes it one of the best dividend stocks you can buy now.

The company has seen an increase in investment during the last quarter of the year. Institutional investors such as Sepio Capital LLC, Krane Funds Advisors LLC, and Paragon Capital Management LLC all increased their stake in Lockheed. Others to do the same include MRA Associates USA LLC, Accurate Investment Solutions Inc., and Trustcore Financial Services LLC.

Sysco (SYY)

Sysco, a food and industrial supply wholesaler, is one of the best dividend stocks currently available. The dividend yield for Sysco’s is 2.2%, higher than the S&P’s 1.9% average. Over the past 5 years, Sysco’s total return topped the S&P500 by over 50%.

Earlier this month, Sysco acquired Hawaii-based Armstrong Produce and Kula Produce as it expands its food network. The new acquisitions would become part of Sysco’s specialty produce company, FreshPoint.

Analysts from Citigroup have raised the target price for Sysco from $76 to $84. This suggests the stock price could rise by roughly 3% over the coming weeks.

Automatic Data Processing (ADP)

Automatic Data Processing, Inc., popularly called ADP is a provider of HR management software and services. The dividend yield for ADP’s stock stands at 1.8%, which is close to the 1.9% recorded by the S&P500.

Millions of people see ADP on the top of their paychecks every week. This company is one of the leading providers of payroll services in the world. It’s a tremendously stable business, so its a great long-term investment.

Analysts expect ADP’s stock to rise further, heading into the new year. This is understandable as the stock has gone up by 5% over the past month.

 Best Buy Co (BBY)

Best Buy’s stock dividend beats the general market. Best Buy’s dividend yield currently stands at 2.6%, higher than the 1.9% S&P 500 average. The American multinational consumer electronics retailer has had an excellent year, it’s up over 40% YTD.

dividend stocks best buy

BestBuy is one of the leading brick-and-mortar retailers on the market. It’s up 40% this year and it pays a dividend that yields more than the S&P 500 average.

Similar to the other retailers, Best Buy has rolled out some innovations to help boost sales as we enter the holiday season. Best Buy will release its quarterly earnings today, with revenues expected to grow by 1.5% to reach $9.3 billion. The EPS could increase by 11% year-on-year to $1.04.

Illinois Tool Works (ITW)

Illinois Tool Works’ dividend yield has been impressive so far this year. The dividend yield for this stock currently stands at 2.4%. The engineering equipment manufacturer has also seen its stock surge by 38% since the start of 2019.

Illinois Tool Works Dividend Stocks

Illinois Tool Works dividend yield beats the S&P 500 average by roughly 0.5%

The US stock market has recovered and is setting new highs. Thus, allowing stocks to perform excellently in the last few trading sessions of the year.

More Best Dividends to Buy Now

These dividend stocks could close the year on a high note, so they might be a good buy ahead of 2020. Follow Stock Dork on Twitter and Facebook to track of all our latest dividend stock picks and stock market news. Furthermore, don’t forget to sign up for mobile Dork Alerts to get all the hottest stock picks, insights, and analysis delivered to your cell.

Hassan Maishera is a cryptocurrency expert and a Stock Dork freelance contibutor.

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