Larry D

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Larry D. is one of the most experienced writers at the Dork. His expert insights into the individual stocks have made small fortunes for some of his readers and profitable trades for many more. Best known for his work with under-the-radar growth stocks, Larry has been picking winners for over 30 years.

Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Larry first broke into finance in the mid-’80s, just in time for 1987’s Black Monday stock market crash, the largest one-day crash in the history of the stock market. The crash started in Hong Kong and rapidly spread from Europe to the U.S. By the time the day was done, the Dow lost 508 points, 22.6% of its value, totaling over $500 billion in market cap losses.

It wasn’t the best way to start off a career, but Larry kept his head up and soldiered on. He went on to have a long and prosperous career both on and off Wall Street. If working in finance on Black Monday wasn’t enough excitement for Larry, he got a front-row seat to the 2009 financial crisis as well. Potentially more horrifying than even the Great Depression, the entire global financial system came dangerously close to imploding on itself during those nerve-racking days in 2009. Thanks to some extreme intervention from the government, the monetary system survived the crisis in one piece.

Two meltdowns were more than enough suspense for Larry. He called it quits from the corporate finance world in 2017. These days, he spends most of working hours sharing his knowledge through his writing and making a few extra bucks swing trading on the side. Larry is a favorite here at the Dork, and we’re pretty sure he was a favorite just about everywhere else he worked. Stay tuned to to catch Larry’s latest articles.