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Certain stocks get all the attention. The hot stocks that are dominating the headlines this week are the top trending stocks. For whatever reason, these companies are getting a lot of attention this week. We’ve listed all of the most active stocks here so you can spot the best trading opportunities.

Trending Stocks This Week

These are the most active stocks to start off the week. They’re are getting a lot of attention on Wall Street.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

The cannabis industry has performed poorly this year and so has Aurora. The Canadian-based cannabis stock plummeted recently, but it started the week on a good note. Aurora’s stock is already up by 2% at Monday’s pre-market trading session.

Last week, the company made changes to its management team. The Senior Vice President of Product Development and Regulatory Affairs was promoted to Chief Product Officer. Also, the Senior Vice President of Business Integrations is now the Chief Integration Officer.

The executive shake-up could help the company get its act together. Aurora wants to maintain its place as one of the leading cannabis companies, but it will have to streamline its business model to get there.

Sirius XM Holdings Inc. (SIRI)

American broadcasting company, Sirius XM Holdings Inc. has seen its stock perform excellently year-to-date and it could be primed for further activities this week. The stock of the New York-based company could drop further over the coming days as some hedge funds cut their shares.

Last week, Berkshire Hathaway sold 1.6 million Sirius XM Holdings shares. This is the first time the hedge fund is selling its holdings in Sirius since 2017. Similarly, BlackRock Inc. reduced its shares of Sirius by 4.2% during the previous quarter.

The activities have seen the stock lose value over the past few days and could continue with the trend this week.

Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

The media raved about Tesla all weekend. The company unveiled its electric Cybertruck amid much fanfare last Thursday. However, the truck was not as unbreakable as the company claims.

tesla trending stocks
Tesla is trending after it unveiled its cyber truck last week. The new EV got a mixed reception. Above: Tesla CEO Elon Musk shrugs off a botched demonstration of the cyber truck’s “unbreakable” windows.

Following the failure of the unbreakable truck, Tesla’s stock fell by more than 6%. However, Tesla could rebound this week. It’s already up by 4% at Monday’s pre-market trading session.

The event had been the topic of discussion amongst experts over the past few days, and it could continue to drive above-average trading volume this week.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

The shares of a semiconductor manufacturer, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., performed excellently last week, closing at a 13-year high on November 19. So far this year, the stock is up by 120%. Increased demand for AMD’s high-performance GPUs have been a tremendous tailwind for the company this year.

AMD trending stocks
Demand for AMD’s high-performance GPUs helped lift share prices to massive gains this year.

The market for AMD continues to heat up. Share prices just keep climbing higher, and there’s no clear end in sight.


Amsterdam-based telecommunication giant, Veon has seen its stock perform excellently over the past few days. It is up by 1.6% at Monday’s pre-market trading session and could surge higher over the next few days.

The surge in the stock price comes after Telenor sold its remaining Veon shares last week. The sales of Telenor shares have seen the total free float of Veon shares increase from 34.9% to 43.8%. Veon believes this latest development is a positive one for the company.

More Trending Stocks for the Week

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